Friday, 11 September 2009

Good Dice - Bad Dice

It will not surprise you that Jan and I refought the game. The photograph above is from the opening stages of the second game.

Although it was the same table, the same figures and the same objectives, it turned into a completely different game. And because of the earlier game, it was a much more interesting and enjoyable one.

It was a much more even game, and a much longer one. But the result was the same, Jan won. Not so much reliance on dice this time, though right at the end the Russian gunners regained their run of luck with a couple of sixes.

So the result for the campaign is the same. Yet another French defeat. But not such a crushing one as last time.

I will post both of the battle reports in due time as part of the 1813 Halle Campaign blog.

The main thing is that it has made us rethink the artillery rules - again. Its always dangerous to change rules just because of one bad game, and we have not so now. Looking back through the past dozen or so games, I notice that we have both always deployed the artillery opposite the enemy artillery. On reflection this is because there is a good chance of knocking out the enemy artillery. And the winner of the artillery duel will almost certainly win the battle.

So we are experimenting with making a hit on gun crews much more difficult. We will play a couple of games before we decide whether to change the rules. We don't want to upset the whole balance of the rules, but it would be an improvement if the rules did not reward counter battery fire as they do now.

We have not changed the rules yet, but will do if the experiment proves to be an improvement.

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