Monday, 28 September 2009

The Battle of Rohenburg - Second Game

The result of the second game was very similar to the first - another Russian victory. So all the heart searching about whether to accept the result of the first game, with its good dice-bad dice, was resolved for us. And as the result was the same I didn't have to feel guilty about changing the effect on the campaign

The greatest effect of this game was its effect on the artillery rules. We decided that the artillery had too much influence on the battle, and was the major influence on the result. Its strange how you can play with a set of rules for months and months quite happily, and then suddenly realise that they are unbalanced.

As a result of the changes to the rules, the infantry will now be the deciding factor in future games. It will still be largely down to the dice, and the decision whether to skirmish, enter a fire fight or charge home and hope for the best. But who gets to deploy their artillery last will have much less influence on who eventually wins the game.

Counter battery is now largely ineffective, requiring 11 on 2D6 at long range to hit the enemy artillery. However at close, or cannister, range they become much more effective.

We have used the new rules for a couple of weeks now, which included a large game with four batteries per side, and they seem to be working well. Mind before this game I thought they were working quite well as they before!

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