Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tarragona Campaign ends in Stalemate

The French campaign in eastern Spain has failed to destroy the Spanish armies of Captain-General Compons. Marshal Suchet has had to retire to Barcelona to open his communications with France, leaving his garrisons of Lerida and Tarragona cut off and surrounded by the Spanish Armies.

Despite fighting four battles Suchet has failed to destroy the Spanish armies, who now roam at will and prevent all communications between the French garrisons.

The Spanish have achieved their campaign objective of preventing Suchet from sending reinforcements to Burgos to help Soult in the looking campaign with Wellington.

To read about the campaign, including the final movement order, campaign diary and campaign summery, select "1813 Tarragona Campaign" on the right.


Martin said...

Morning Paul,

A stalemate sounds like a valid hisorical outcome. Oman mentions how the whole area was essentially separate from the rest of Spain. The French wanted to hold the area with as few troops as they could, due to supply issues; and the Spanish were handicapped by their lack of "regulars" to conduct seige operations. Keep up the good work!

thistlebarrow said...

Hi Martin

It is not meant to be a historical campaign, but I agree that the end result is very similar to what actually happened.

Suchet suffered little from the regular Spanish army, but greatly from guerrilla activity. Unfortunately this would be impossible to do as a wargame campaign, unless one were to use something like "Sharpe Practice".

But I am pleased that the Tarragona campaign ended very much as it did in 1813. Suchet eventually was forced to retreat to France due to Wellington's activities to the west, not because of anything the Spanish did.

Glad you are enjoying the campaign.

The next stage will be Napoleon v Kutuzov in central Germany.