Monday, 13 July 2009

Wargame Rules

Jan and I have been play testing the new amendments to the rules to try and get the balance right between Spanish and French. The rules we use rely a lot on command and cotnrol, which is represented by an average dice throw, plus an addition depending on how good the commander is. The resulting total, called pips, is used to issue orders to his brigades. In addition there is a card/chip system for who moves when. Included is a Poor Card, when drawn the next Poor commander to move has to miss his go.

These two parts of the rules determine how well a poor army, like the Spanish, perform. To make up for this the Spanish usually have two armies to the French one. So it is important that the Spanish command penalty works. And it didn't.

Due to the change the Spanish get the same pips, but they now have to be in base contact to issue orders to a brigade, while the French only have to be within 8". So in effect the Spanish take 2 pips to issue an order, the French only 1.

Its working well in our present game. The two Spanish armies are having great difficulty co ordinating their advance as one of them keeps getting the Poor Card. Now the French have attacked the nearest one, and they are having difficulties reacting to the attack. Correct tactical problems for the Spanish in my opinion.

The battle report should be interesting.

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