Friday, 10 July 2009

Tarragona Campaign - Diary and Movement

The Campaign Diary and Map Movement sections of the blog have now been added. The Campaign is now ready to start. At first sight both of these sections look very similar, but there are important differences.

The Campaign Diary will be a day by day account of the campaign. It will be a short description of what happened each day, similar to a personal diary. There will be one paragraph for the French and one for the Spanish. Battles will be notes, and the outcome recorded. But the action battle report will be in a seperate section.

The Map Movement is a day by day account of the movement of each corps. This is for anyone who wants to follow the campaign in detail. It is also my personal record of each days march.

Both of them will have a Strategic Map at important dates to make it easier to follow the progress of the campaign. For example both have one for 14 May 1813, the day the campaign starts. There will also be one for each battle.

If you want to follow the campaign, drop by each day and see what is happening. If you just want an update, have a look at the Campaign Diary.

You can find them by clicking on the link My Blog List "1813 Tarragona Campaign" above right.

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