Saturday, 25 July 2009

New Mini Campaign in Central Germany

The Tarragona campaign still has a way to go, including a major battle. But it is time to start thinking about the next phase of the 1813 campaign. I have decided that it will be Central Germany, Napoleon v Kutuzov. Napoleon has to do something to reverse Blucher's success at Magdeburg.

So far I have only completed the strategic map, and that has taken me about three days. It looks so easy when it is finished, but checking google maps for villages or towns in the right places along took me all day.

I usually work on the maps in my office, but it was so warm yesterday that I took it outside on the naya. You would think that drawing a graph and plotting rivers and major towns would be a fairly simple matter. But I always seem to forget something, and back and forth it goes. Then Jan brought me a cup of coffee, and spilt a little as she put it on the table. I moved the map aside to drink my coffee, and put it over the spilt coffee. The first I knew was when this dark brown stain starts spreading over my lovely new map!!

I will keep you informed of progress on both Tarragona and Central Germany


Martin said...

Hey Paul,

The coffee stain just lends the map a patina of authenticity! Can brandy and wine stains be far behind?



thistlebarrow said...

Hi Martin

I wish I had thought of that, it would have saved me making a new map.

Strange how we never seem to spill/waste the wine or brandy!