Monday, 13 July 2009

Campaigns of Napoleon

Most of yesterday was spent keeping an eye on my latest project.

The forum seems to have been well received, with 68 members in just three days. There have also been more than 100 postings on the forum, mind almost half of them were mine. Trevor does the acceptance procedure, and once a day puts on a welcome message to the new members. I try to respond to any posting on the forum.

The introductory postings have been interesting, and it is clear that most have a considerable experience of napoleonic campaiging. So the prospects for a lively forum are good. There have also been a few good, and thought provoking, postings. However they have not received the attention they deserve. So I am trying to devise ways of getting more members to respond to subjects raised. If there is no response then people will stop posting.

So far it has gone much better than I had hoped. But I am aware that the difficult part is still to come.

If you have not seen it yet, do have a look

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