Monday, 20 July 2009

Campaigns of Napoleon Forum

It has been quiet on the blog of late, because I have posted all of the background information for the campaign, posted all of the previous activity and am pretty well up to date. Jan and I are at present wargaming the second battle of the Tarragona Campaign, so there is nothing to report on that front at present.

So all of my efforts have gone into developing the Forum. It has been a huge sucess, something like 130 members in 10 days. I have decided that I will look at each application before I accept them, and then write to welcome each one. So that has taken up A LOT of effort. But it will be worth it to keep out unruly elements. So many good Forum are ruined because of disruptive elements whose main interest seems to be creating "flame wars". Not on MY forum they won't!

I am reasonably confident that anyone who finds this blog interesting will also like Campaigns of Napoleon Forum. If you would like to have a look it can be found at:

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