Thursday, 23 July 2009

1806 Campaign by Mail

As a result of the Campaigns of Napoleon Forum I have become involved in my first PBEM (Play By EMail) campaign. I foolishly volunteered to be Napoleon, without any idea of how the camapign would be run or how much time my part would take. The campaign is based on 1806 but is not historical. Apparently there are Austrians involved! When I queried this I was told that all would be revealed in due course.

That was two weeks ago. Yesterday I received a short camapign brief, an order of battle and a map of central europe with few cities and no detail. No mention of where I was, or my corps, and no objective or winning conditions. The brief told me I could move 15 miles a day, and that each phase would be one week. Oh, and that I should submit my concentration orders by Sunday!

My first reaction was to withdraw from the campaign. Obviously the organiser is one of those chaps who likes to keep everything to himself, and let you have bits of information as he deems fit. Whereas I am one of those chaps who likes a comprehensive set of rules and all the dots on the eyes and crosses on the tees.

I have replied that I can only do it if we do daily moves. 15 miles is enough to plan, never mind 105. And I must have a detailed map to prepare the nexd days orders.

I will keep you informed of how it progresses.

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