Sunday, 9 June 2013

New Map of Germany

At first sight the new map looks similar to the old one.   But there have been significant changes which will have a considerable bearing on the new campaign.

The previous map was based on a modern road map of Germany.  I drew a grid system on the road map to ensure that rivers and towns were in the correct place.  This has not changed.

I then entered a road system which connected major cities.   However a lot has changed since 1813.   Strategically important towns of that period have now been bypassed and are insignificant.   Minor and unimportant towns of that period are now major cities.   So the previous road system did not encourage using the same road system as was used by Napoleon.

I have kept the same grid system, so the towns and rivers are in the right place.  But I have changed the major cities.   First I plotted the capitol cities of each region, and connected them by the red road system.  This is the major supply route.   I then entered the other major cities, and connected them with the yellow road system.

There are still three main campaign areas in the new campaign, and they have been outlined in white on the map.   You will see that each one has one major road running east to west.  This will be the main campaign objective in the new campaign.

Each campaign area will have its own French and allied army.    Each army will have four corps.

Northern Germany will be French v Prussians.

Central Germany will be French v Russians

Southern Germany will be French v Austrians.

Each campaign area will have its own tactical map, which will cover five towns east to west and three towns north to south.  Each square on this map is 15 miles square, so each campaign area will be 75 miles by 45 miles.   The centre town on each tactical map will be the objective.  Once taken that will be the end of the mini campaign.   The next campaign will move east or west depending on which side won.

There is still a lot of detail to work out, and in particular the campaign rules will have to be amended to reflect the new maps.   But it’s all taking shape nicely and I expect to have it all complete by the time the current Linz PBEM campaign ends.

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