Sunday, 2 June 2013

1812 Fictional Campaign – The Big Picture

Map of Europe

Busy week planning the new campaign, and preparing new maps.

The concept will be the same as my original 1813 solo campaign.   Europe will be divided into five campaign areas, three in Germany and two in Spain.

The map shows the major national borders.   Britain, France, Confederation of the Rhine, Prussia and Austria.   It also shows the major cities of each region.   These will play a critical role in the new campaign.   When the detailed maps are produced the road system will connect these cities.   When the campaign objectives will be the capture of one of these cities.

Grid Map of Europe

This is for planning purposes only.   Each grid is an area of 60 x 60 miles.   Each will be the area covered in one phase of the overall campaign.   The large block bottom right will show Italy.   

Each named city will be an objective of that campaign.   They do not only include major regional cities.  This is because in many of the squares there is not one.  

For example to get from Berlin to Dresden (both major regional cities) you would have to go through Torgau (not a major regional city).   So the overall objective might be for the Prussian army to capture Dresden, the first phase of the campaign would be for them to take Torgau.

Historical Background

From June 1811 it was obvious that Napoleon was planning an invasion of Russia.   Austria and Prussia had come under pressure to provide large armies to form part of the proposed Grande Armee.

Britain and Russia called a secret meeting with Austria and Prussia where it was agreed that the latter two would use Napoleon’s demands to build up their armies.   They would then declare war on France.   Russia would join Austria and Prussia and invade the Confederation of the Rhine.    Britain would move into Spain to prevent the large French army already there from moving north to support Napoleon in Germany.

The campaign will start on 1 March 1812.

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